Haughton Green Community Forum


Aims to improve the conditions of life for inhabitants of the area and to manage the community centre.

The Centre is also running 3 walking clubs, tai-chi sessions, armchair aerobics, coffee mornings, bingo, art classes, young mothers coffee mornings, aerobics classes.

Also hosts smoking cessation classes, weight managment sessions, baby clinic, podiatry sessions,Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) sessions and a Credit Union . Any other ideas which anyone would like to contribute are welcome.

The Forum meets monthly. The Centre Committee meets as and when.

The Centre is fully accessible and has an adapted, wind-up/wind-down kitchen. There is an accessible shower. Some charges will apply. Please contact for details.

Contact Information

Haughton Green Community Forum

Haughton Green Centre
Tatton Road, off Mancunian Road
Haughton Green
M34 1PH

Tel: 0161 336 9354