Cheshire Wildlife Trust


Cheshire Wildlife Trust is a charity that works to protect and enhance wildlife in the Cheshire region. As part of our role to safeguard our fragile natural heritage we manage 45 nature reserves which help to protect endangered species, rare plants and threatened habitats. We are all about people taking action for wildlife at a local level. As our natural environment including ponds, woodlands, grasslands and peatlands is disappearing and we have been losing our wildlife heritage to development, pollution and intensive farming, it is all the more important to preserve our unique local area and its wildlife to help maintain the balance of nature. Therefore we are taking on a broader role within the region in the light of the increasingly important environmental agenda.

Stockport and Tameside local group meet throughout the year, usually at the weekend, for talks, guided tours of local nature reserves and volunteer working parties on the reserves. For more details please see the website.

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Cheshire Wildlife Trust

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